Slot Machine Tournaments can Sometimes Provide Misleading Results! Beware if You’re Thinking of Participating!

There is every possibility that when the slot machine tournaments happen online they allow the casinos to introduce their games under very misguiding situations.

But whether they are planning on taking this route or not is a very difficult thing to prove!

When participating in a tournament, casinos don’t need to pay the money, which was won by the player and as shown in their accounts. In fact, this is the very reason it opens up opportunities for all players to participate who otherwise cannot afford the same.

On a major scale, this is a fantastic opportunity because they will be rewarded with a cash prize, which is considerably lesser than the account shows, but this form is the most awaited part of the entire contest.

It is always smart from your end to get the facts right. Also, when players start playing at any of the online casinos, they should not have any high expectations from it until they have tried them out thoroughly.

Nobody can say for sure if there is any proof that these kinds of practise take place, but one can surely say that many have been in such a situation.

There have been times where people would have finished a tournament by placing big money and getting many results in their favour, but the same thing did not yield similar results when played in regular slot games.

It is always a good thing if you understand that gambling sometimes is a very strange experience at times. So, even though you have years of experience by accumulating sessions playing in both, normal casino conditions and tournaments, to get good results, you still need to approach the game more cautiously.

Also, never let a bad game ruin your interest for playing slot tournaments because if the above things mentioned are kept in mind, then you can participate without hesitation in the contests and also enjoy some quality gaming entertainment, which usually comes at an affordable price.

The ideal thing is to remember that your luck would not be the same when you go to an online casino under regular conditions instead of a tournament.

When it comes to the best advice for gambling, it is always best to see how deep the water is before jumping into it.

Pointers to Keep in Mind

In other words, don’t try placing big bets before finding out whether you are lucky with the slot or not.

Start off with some lesser stakes and if luck is on your side, then you can keep increasing your wagers. In this way, you’ll only lose out on a few small wins rather than losing everything.

The other way is to see your bank balance before concluding the game.

For example, games like Tornado: Farm Escape slot, from the leading entertainment company, Net Entertainment, has abundance of wild and other features.

Every step of the game is rewarding and engaging, which helps you play a fun filled and exciting game!

When You Hear About the Advantages and Disadvantages of Free Slot Games, You’ll Want to Try Them Yourself!

Playing slots online is generally so much fun that one simply doesn’t imagine that there are any drawbacks to them at all.

Like there are two sides to a coin, anything that has pros, always has cons, and it is exactly the same for slot games as well.

The idea of playing free online slots might indeed sound very tempting, but it is best to find out all the pros and cons of the game before you actually start playing.

Advantages of Free Online Slots

  • They are absolutely free! You can play for as long as you want without paying any money. A bad streak won’t faze you, unless you’re the type to get really involved in the game, since you won’t be actually spending any of your own money.
  • You can try out a whole range of games for free without really spending money. There are so many options available these days that it helps to know beforehand which game is more fun. Once you have figured out which game is best, then you can play it on an online casino with real money.
  • You can use the free option to try and work out a way to make more money. Some slot games offer more bonus features than others, and you can collect a great many coins if you play these games.
  • Playing them for free will help you gauge, which slots are more profitable. You will also be able to try out a whole lot of tips and tricks to make more coins if you play for free. For instance, Tornado: Farm Escape slot is a very interesting game that has a farm setting. If you play this slot for free long enough, then you will understand exactly how the bonus spins are triggered and will be better equipped to play it with real money.
  • Playing online games is a fantastic way to relax after a day’s work; you can get all the harmless entertainment you want without spending money.
  • Free games also give you the option of trying out which casino is best for you. Once you have made a deposit, then it’s a waste of money and effort to pull out of the site.

Disadvantages of Free Online Slots

  • All the time and effort you put into playing free slots will not get you any money in return. While there is no financial risk to be incurred, there is no gain as well. It can get quite annoying to come off a winning streak with nothing to show for it.
  • Since there is no chance to lose money playing these games, it is very tempting to play them for as long as possible. You’ll end up playing slots far longer than you anticipated.

It is clear to see that the advantages of free online slots are far more than the disadvantages.

Make sure that you select an online casino that offers you the best possible gaming experience so that you enjoy yourself tremendously when you play.

You should also keep in mind that reliability of the site is very important when you play with money or else you will have problems withdrawing money.

You Must Have Never Heard of These Sensational Ways to Clear Casino Bonuses!

Online casinos try to attract customers by offering generous bonuses and most people obviously choose which casino to play on depending on the bonuses they offer.

You’ll find that most sites offer to match your entire deposit amount, whereas others give 150% of your signing amount in bonuses.

The problem, however, is that there are definite rules and regulations regarding the clearing of these bonuses and they vary according to the site.

Therefore, you need to know about these bonuses before you sign up at any site.

It goes without saying that you need to play using reliable sites that deal fairly with customers.

These sites do not have unfair rules and regulations hidden in the fine print. Sites registered in the United Kingdom or the Isle of Man tend to be the better ones.

Also, sites that feature software from well-known companies are more reliable.

Another clever thing to do is read the bonus rules before you pay any money to a site. Reliable sites list them out clearly where you can find them easily.

Further, you can also check for the details mentioned below.

#1-Playing the Bonus Amounts

It is very important to know how many times you need to play the bonus amounts before you can redeem them.

These are often called rollovers and are indicated with the symbol ‘x’. If the site says that the rollover is 5x, then you have to bet five times your bonus amount before you can actually encash any money that you have left in your gambling payroll.

The same site may offer different terms to people based upon they country they are in.

#2-Deadline to Claim Bonuses

You also need to find out in how much time you need to fulfil the terms and redeem the amount.

In some cases you have a limited number of hours, whereas in other cases you have a day or so.

#3-Eligible Casino Games

Another important thing that you need to get details about is the games that you can play to redeem your bonuses. Practically, every site stipulates games that have to be played with the bonus money.

In fact, using the bonus to play certain casino games like blackjack or baccarat may even void your bonus amount.

This is because casinos prefer you to play your bonus money on games in which they have the better edge.

#4-Redeeming the Bonus Code

You may need to actually redeem the bonus coupon by entering a specific code or else you will not have access to the money.

Online casinos are quite different from brick-and-mortar casinos because they offer bonuses before you play instead of being based upon how frequently you play or how much money you gamble with.

However, if you don’t follow their rules, then you may end up wasting the entire bonus amount.

Many casinos offer bonuses on slots games because these games are incredibly popular. Even so, you need to check exactly which slots games are offered.

For instance, you might want to play Tornado: Farm Escape slot because it is very popular, but if the game is not available for bonus play, then you’ll have to pick another one.Bottom of Form

Clearly, it’s best if you do a bit of homework before you join an online casino; this will ensure that you have the best time and also make some money in the process.

Money Plays a Vital Role While Betting and How! Here’s the Scoop!

Slot games depend purely on luck and there is simply no system that can help you beat the machine every time you play.

However, what you can do to increase your earnings and to play for longer with the fixed amount of money you bring to the casino is to follow a proper money management system.

Listed below are some of the most useful tips on money and game management for slot players.

#1-Encash and Move On

Encash a win instead of trying to earn more money by gambling it away! There is no such thing as a lucky streak or a ‘hot’ machine.

Just because you have registered a win doesn’t mean that it will happen again.

So, simply encash your money and go home happier!

#2-Look Out for Cash Back Offers

Use a casino that offers a good cash back programme. Many casinos try to encourage repeat business by using cash back programs.

Try and sign up and stick to that casino so that you get free cash and other freebies in spite of losing a few games.

#3-Redeem Slot Vouchers

Don’t forget to redeem your slot vouchers after you have finished playing. Since the new coinless machines don’t spit out money when you win, you’ll have to remember to take good care of the vouchers.

If you lose them or let them go past their expiry date, then your money will be gone for good.

#4-Bonus Spins

Pick a slot machine that has lots of bonus spins. You’ll be able to play for much longer than usual if you are lucky enough to trigger many bonus spins.

#5-Gambling Bankroll

Start your session with a gambling bankroll so that you know exactly how much you are prepared to lose.

As long as you have set certain limits in your mind, you won’t get upset when you lose the money or try to win back your losses by gambling more money in a panic.

Never lose sight of the fact that the casino is designed to win more money than it loses; a big part, if not all of your gambling bankroll, will find its way to the casino’s coffers.

#6-Progressive Jackpots

A game with progressive jackpots is very exciting and if all goes well, then you can make quite a bit of money on such games.

Play small amounts every time so that you can keep playing for as long as you want.

In case you are new to gambling and hesitant to try out slots for the first time in a casino, then you could get all the practice you need by playing the games at online casinos.

There are plenty of great online casinos where you can play for free and also with real money.

One thing that you always need to remember is that playing slots should be a great deal of fun whether or not you make money during that time.

Tornado: Farm Escape slot is one of the best games in casinos these days because of its bright colours, quirky theme and great graphics.

The next time you head for your favourite slot machine, keep the above tips in mind so that you have a great time and don’t end up losing more than you can afford.

Managing your money while gambling is extremely crucial!

Six Tips for Successful Gaming-How To Make Money Playing Online Slots?

Playing video slots online is a great deal of fun, but you’ll enjoy yourself even more if you earn money than lose it.

These are games of chance and you can never predict whether you will win or not. However, you’ll be surprised to know that it’s actually possible to increase your chances of winning as long as you keep a few things in mind.

Even if you don’t win big, you can at least use these tips to get regular cash outs and stay in the game longer.

Six Tips

#1-Wager Only What You Can Afford

The first and most important thing to remember is that you should never gamble with money you don’t actually have or when you need that money for other more important things.

If you have a clear idea about how much money you can wager and are prepared to lose, then you won’t be tempted to throw good money after bad. Gambling using borrowed money also puts unnecessary pressure on you to win and this leads to making rash decisions.

#2-Gamble For Fixed Periods Only

Next, set a limit on how much time you will spend gambling. Gambling can get very addictive and you’ll have no idea of how fast time flies when you’re immersed in exciting games. Especially when there are plenty of games vying for your attention and your money!

You are at a larger risk of going overboard with your wagers if you play from home and don’t have a fixed schedule.

#3-Treat Bonuses With Care

Be very careful when taking bonuses from online casinos because they come with many terms and conditions that are not apparent up front.

Novice players are delighted to get these bonuses, but are left disappointed when they realise that it’s terribly hard to cash them out.

In fact, most online casinos have restrictions on which games qualify to be played using the bonus. They also require gamblers to play a minimum number of games with the bonus before they can be cashed out.

#4-Book Profits Regularly

Pull out your winnings from time to time so that you actually have some earnings to show for your efforts. If you don’t take money out, then you’ll just keep increasing the amount of money you gamble.

This is quite risky because lots of cash in your account can lead you to make risky bets and you might lose most of your earnings in the process.

#5-Use Casino Promotions Wisely To Get Free Cash

You will come across many options to play for free and some of them are without doubt very good. If a casino organises a free slot tournament, then you should certainly join because this is a great way to have fun and also make money.

#6-Study Different Slot Games

It’s definitely worth spending some time to analyse various slot games in order to gauge whether it gives enough bonus rounds and other benefits that can increase your payout. All games are not created equal and some game developers include better chances of payout in their games.

You’ll have a great deal of fun playing slots if you start earning money. While lady luck does have a role to play here, you can also alter the outcome of the games to your advantage.

So, using these tips, play Tornado: Farm Escape slot and hope to make a lot of money!

Special Features Make Tornado: Farm Escape Slot A Great Deal Of Fun!

Tornado: Farm Escape is one of the goofiest slot games available today and it’s hardly surprising that it has many takers.

Created by the Swedish video game maker, Net Entertainment, this video slot game gives you a great way to spend time since its fast paced, noisy and colourful. This game is themed around a comical farm that has lots of cute animals in it and a whole lot of madness ensues when the animals hitch rides on a tornado in order to escape the farm.

Special Features

Needless to say, since the symbols used in this game are cartoons of farm animals and household objects the game is very cute and entertaining overall.

With five reels and 20 pay lines, Tornado: Farm Escape slot has a fairly standard format and you can play with coin values starting at 1p, going all the way to £1.

In addition, the game has a whole lot of wilds and special features that take up its fun quotient while also increasing your potential earnings.

While the maximum amount you can wager on every spin is £200, you can multiply your earnings by knowing exactly what these special features are and learning how to use them effectively.

The Wild Feature

Slot players look forward to wild features appearing because they take the excitement levels up a couple of notches. They substitute any other symbol on the reels except for the hot and cold symbols.

Wild symbol can be used to make a winning combination if they land in the right place. Further, they pay the maximum possible winning combination.

The Tornado Feature

This is activated as a result of the cold symbol landing on the fifth reel at the same time when the hot symbol lands on the first reel.

Whichever symbol lies on the second row of the middle reel will instantly become the active symbol and so will all similar symbols to it.

A tornado rages on the screen and it will pick up all active and wild symbols in its path, awarding extra points for each of them. This continues during all following free spins and all wild and active symbols will be collected.

This feature comes to an end when no further wild or active symbols make an appearance on the reels. Payout is made on the basis of active and wild symbols accumulated.

The Storm Feature

The game triggers this feature randomly and it moves haphazardly all across the reels. The storm makes its appearance on the outer reels and never on the middle ones, that is the second, third and the fourth reels.

Any place the storm lands, it will generate at least one wild and it will continue to do so as long as it is in motion across the reels. When the storm cloud vanishes, then the feature ends and the player will get a very high payout in case of a win.

As you can see, the Tornado: Farm Escape slot game gives you plenty of opportunities to win money and have a great amount of fun at the same time, thanks to its exciting special features!

So, sign up today and enjoy this whacky game that comprises of farm animals. Their funny antics will leave you in splits!

Why Are Wild Symbols Essential in Slot Games These Days?

These days, wild symbols have become an essential special feature in online slot machine games, along with scatter symbols.

Wild Symbols

Apart from just the modern machines, you can find wild symbols in classic slot games like three reel slots as well. Wild symbols changed the face of the game by generating more and more chances for win, unlike the usual.

That is the reason it has become so popular and most sought after by the gamblers across the world. To put it in simple terms, they are what a joker does to your deck of cards.

The First Occurrence of Wild Symbol

Ever since the introduction of ‘One Armed Bandit’ slot machine, wild symbols have been around.

The Purpose of Wild Symbols

You have more chance of winning with the wild symbols because it has the ability to replace other symbols to complete a winning line. However, there is an exception to this; it doesn’t replace any scatter symbols, barring a few rare slot games.

There are certain slots where there more than one wild symbols appear. In that case, remember the more symbols you come across the more you win.

The highest slot prized is rewarded when there are five wild symbols, which appear on the same pay line. But it’s advisable to always check before playing the slot because not every wild symbol is equally valuable.

Where Do Wild Symbols Usually Appear?

There is no specific time when wild symbols appear. They are pretty random and can appear anytime once the reels stop spinning.

If you are playing a five reel slot machine, wild symbols can appear on the second, third or fourth reels. When you want to know more about this, check out the pay table and you can know more about their functionality.

The Various Types of Wild Symbols

There are certain types of wild symbols, which belong to each slot and sometimes reappear in many slot games. Apart from that, there are other exciting types which include as follows.

  • Sticky Wild Symbol: Like the name suggests it sticks in some place through multiple spins, which thereby increase the chances of winning more money.
  • Shifting Wild Symbol: This one is similar to the sticky wild symbol, but does not stay in a place like them. They move up and down across many reels and disappear during the final reel.
  • Stacked Wild Symbol: They fill up the whole reel by appearing on top of each other.

How Do the Wild Symbols Look?

Wild symbols can be represented in many forms based on the video slot you choose to play. For example, Lion is the wild symbol in Mega Moolah slot, while in Thunderstruck II, the wild symbol is represented by Thor, the Norse God of Thunder.

Meanwhile, in the famous Tornado: Farm Escape slot, the wild symbol is a TV, which has the word, Wild written across its screen. They can appear at any point of time including in the main as well as the Tornado feature games.

The Wild Symbol Multipliers

It gets exciting when you’re about to lose the slot, but the wild symbol comes to your rescue and changes the game entirely.

In fact, sometimes wild symbols act as a multiplier and can multiply your pay out and also earn you a jackpot. Multipliers include anywhere between 2x and 5x. If you have double of these, then you can earn up to 25x.

Tornado: Farm Escape Video Slot Games Easily Available Online!

Net Entertainment, the Scandinavian video slot game developer, has another winner in the form of Tornado: Farm Escape launched earlier this year.

This slot game is set in a farm and it has a whole lot of animals trying to escape the attention of a farmer by hitching a ride on a tornado.

Online Casinos

Like all games from Net Entertainment, this one too has gripping animation and a very catchy soundtrack. In fact, it has quickly become one of the most popular slot games today not just because it is interesting, but also because there’s a fairly large amount of money to be won playing it!

You can start playing this five reel and 20 pay lines game for as little as 20p per every spin. You can even wager £200 on each spin if you want to raise the stakes to the maximum extent possible.

The game also has bonus features that increase the excitement levels. This is, needless to say, because the bonus features help you make a lot more money than usual.

You’ll find that it is pretty easy to play Tornado: Farm Escape since lots of online casinos are more than happy to feature such a popular game.

Let’s take a look at five online casinos that offer some great promotional offers and a superb gaming experience!

#1-Bethard Casino

Previously known as Hardbet, Bethard casino is very popular in Europe, particularly in the Scandinavian countries. It features an excellent range of games from Net Entertainment, including many mobile games as well as many well-known Scandinavian brands.

This casino also has a dealer room and it accepts many payment options. The minimum deposit amount is €10. This online casino offers excellent monthly bonus plans to regular customers.

#2-Betrally Casino

Betrally casino has an excellent website that features a wide range of games from top gaming developers such as iSoftBet, Net Entertainment and Microgaming.

It is relatively new to the business, but is extremely well-managed. The games are offered in six languages. Further, the site also features a live dealer room.

#3-Bets10 Casino

Bets10 casino is a part of the immense Bets10 gambling network. It has a wide range of games including slots, video poker, bingo and scratch games.

It features games from leading developers such as Net Entertainment, Play’nGo and NextGen Gaming. The site is excellent and the quality of graphics and sound is truly spectacular.

This online casino also offers excellent mobile gaming.

#4-Betsafe Casino

Having been in business for almost a decade, Betsafe casino offers many options to play games online. It also launches aggressive marketing campaigns directed at bringing in new customers.

As a result, you are likely to get a whole lot of excellent offers on this site, which incidentally is immensely popular with customers located all over the world.

#5-BetsKING Casino

A fairly new entrant to the online video gaming business, BetsKING have been in operation since 2008. However, it offers an excellent gaming experience thanks to a well-constructed and managed website.

Registration is instantaneous and immense care is taken to ensure security of players’ data. This site is especially popular with people who like playing slot games. It also offers high quality mobile gaming. The signing up bonuses here are very good too!

With such huge names in the online casino market, you are spoilt for choices when it comes to picking a casino to play Tornado: Farm Escape slot!

Slot Machines Have an Interesting History-Who Knew?

The ubiquitous slot machine has a fascinating history that very few people are aware of. Known as fruit machines in the UK, they are found in every casino and they are immensely popular because of their simplicity.

They were originally called One Armed Bandits because players had to pull a lever on their side to operate them. However, they are now operated by the press of a button.

History of Slot Machines

Most people playing these brightly coloured machines have no idea that they contribute the lion’s share of the revenues to a casino. It’s no wonder then that every casino has rows and rows of these vibrant machines installed practically everywhere.

Functioning of Slot Machines

Slot machines have three or more reels containing a variety of images depending on the theme of the game. These reels spin when the machine is activated and when they come to rest the resultant pattern of images will determine whether the player has won or lost.

While the slot machines in play these days are vastly different from the ones that were originally introduced, they have retained their ability to entertain people.

The Initial Draft of Slot Machines

The forerunner of the modern slot machine was developed in 1891 by two New Yorkers called Sittman and Pitt. It was inspired by the game of poker and consisted of five drums that together had 50 playing card faces.

However, since there were so many variables, reading a win was a difficult job and most establishments devised their own rules for the game. The popularity of these mechanical gambling machines led San Francisco native Charles Fey to develop one that worked automatically.

The Liberty Bell

This machine, called the Liberty Bell, invented sometime in the last decade of the 19th century, consisted of three spinning reels, which featured five different symbols. This machine was relatively simpler to play and it was also quite easy to read a win.

The success of the Liberty Bell slot machines was quick to spawn lots of imitators and soon these machines were present in a wide range of establishments. Not surprisingly, many of them featured the word ‘Bell’ in their names.

Where laws against gambling were relaxed, cash was offered as a prize. However, many places offered food and candy as prizes in order to circumvent the strict gambling laws in place there.

1960s and Beyond…

Electromechanical gambling machines were invented in the 1960s and the corresponding increase in payout size led to the explosion of slot machines’ popularity.

The next development was the 1976 launch of a video slot machine by Las Vegas based Fortune Coin Co. The Las Vegas Hilton Hotel created a sensation by featuring these electronic slot machines. Pretty soon, every hotel and casino in Las Vegas had installed these machines.

International Gaming Technology (IGT) purchased Fortune Coin Co. in 1978 in order to understand the know-how of video slot machine developed by them.

Slot Machines and Games Today!

The immense popularity of slots has game developers such as Net Entertainment scrambling to come up with interesting themes and concepts. Take its Tornado: Farm Escape slot for instance.

Set in a farm and populated with cute animals, this game has high tech animation and sound effects that modern day users expect from video slot games. This game has some great promotional offers that you can take advantage of at various online casinos. What’s more is that, this game is also available to play on mobile devices since its available on Net Entertainment Touch, a product from the house of NetEnt for their mobile customers.

So, you can see, slot machines have definitely come very far from their humble beginnings!

Online Casinos Offer Great Bonuses for Tornado: Farm Escape Slot

Net Entertainment video slot games are always very interesting and their newly launched game Tornado: Farm Escape is no different. This video game has five reels and 20 pay lines, along with some colourful graphics and slick animation that the Scandinavian video game developer has become famous for.

Casino Bonus Offers

The game is set on a cheerful farm and the theme is of amusing animals that keep on fleeing it to go on vacation, much to the despair of a farmer. The symbols of the game are farm animals as well as domestic items such as a sofa, suitcase and television.

Tornado: Farm Escape can be played with a wide range of coin sizes from 0.01 up to 1.00 and players can place bets from 0.01 all the way to 200.00.

The game also has two thrilling bonus features in addition to a wild symbol. These features help increase winnings and also amplify the players’ enjoyment levels. In fact, it is possible to win a maximum of 167,000 coins playing this game. It’s no surprise that high rollers enjoy playing it as much as penny slot gamblers do.

Free Trials Available…

If you have never played Tornado: Farm Escape slot before, then you will be pleased to know that many online casinos offer free trials of this video slot game. You will be able to play these games on your desktop as well as mobile devices.

These free spins are limited in number, but you can get them without having to pay cash to the site. In fact, it’s a pretty good idea to try the game for free just so you get the hang of it.

There are plenty of opportunities to make money on this game when you actually gamble with real money, and it helps to have practiced first so that you can figure out how to win.

Online casinos also have a whole lot of bonus offers for those interested in playing Tornado: Farm Escape slot.

For instance, some casinos give away a limited number of free spins to players. When the game launched in January 2015, a whole lot of casinos offered interesting promotional schemes to new as well as existing members.

They still continue to do so as follows…

  • All Irish casino offers all players 15 free spins on this game if they have played for money anytime during the previous 30 days. Players who make a new deposit of €25 with the casino are granted 50 free spins. Further, the casino also tops up your deposit with a bonus of 100%, giving you an additional €50 in your account.
  • Jetbull casino requires a deposit of €10 euros and matches it with a 100% bonus, up to a maximum of €200 euros.
  • Bet365 casino offers a cashable 100% bonus on a maximum deposit of €100.

However, there are restrictions on how you can use the bonus amounts and most casinos require you to play a minimum number of games before you can actually withdraw the money.

Even so, these bonus offers are simply great because they give you far more playing time as well as opportunities to earn more money than you have actually paid for.

All in all, the bonus offers on this exciting game are very tempting and worth every penny. So, if you’re looking to play Tornado: Farm Escape slot, it’s the right time to make some money!